Graeme Seawell, Chef de Cuisine

Although born in Hollywood, California, Graeme grew up in rural Colorado on a farm where cooking was a necessity for lack of restaurant dining options. He went on to study culinary arts at Scottsdale Culinary Institute Le Cordon Bleu before graduating in 2009 and moving to New Orleans  to work at both Commander’s Palace under chef Tory McPhail, as well as Mr. B’s under chef Michelle McRaney.  From there, he and his wife relocated to St. Thomas USVI, where they lived for 2 years getting experience with some of the best seafood available before finally landing in Fort Worth. He began working as a line cook at Grace in 2013 before accepting a position as Sous Chef  at Bird Café. Hungry for more, Graeme finally took a Sous Chef position at Grace and was promoted to Chef de Cuisine in 2020.

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